Pella Community Memory Database Contributors and Supporters

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Pella Community Memory Database 

There are many, many people and organizations that have contributed resources, either financial, historical, or labor, to the work of the Pella Community Memory Database.  We wish to acknowledge those contributions here. If you have been inadvertently left off of this list, we apologize.  Please contact for changes or corrections.

The Pella Community Memory Database is a project of

Pella Public Library

In cooperation with

Pella Historical Museums

And in cooperation with

Historic Pella Trust

Made possible with a grant from the

Institute of Museum and Library Services

Additional major funding provided by

Vermeer Charitable Foundation

With additional funding by:

Wal-Mart Foundation
Friends of the Pella Public Library
Paul and Frances Koehn
Sheryl Lubberden

Library Digitization Assistants:

Sandy Verhoef
Jo Ann Ready
and, during COVID-19 closure, the Library Assistants of the Pella Public Library.

Pella Community Memory Database Project Advisory Committee (PCMD-PAC):

Bruce Boertje - for the Historic Pella Trust Board
Darath Fisher - for the Pella Public Library Board of Trustees
Sheryl Lubberden - for the Community / At Large
Ann Visser - for the Friends of the Pella Public Library Board
Jessi Vos - for the Pella Historical Society and Museums

Document Contributions by:

Pella Public Library
Pella Historical Museums
Historic Pella Trust
Pella First Baptist Church
Al DeWild
Barb Harrington
Carolyn Niemantsverdriet 
Amy Nossaman
Karen Pylman
Will Verhoef
Norma Weyers

Volunteer Contributions by:

Bruce Boertje
Sheryl Lubberden
June Hoksbergen
Will Verhoef
Amy Nossaman

Karen Ackley
Grant Anderson
DeAnn Barnhill
Linda Blom
Loren Blom
David Bouska
Anya Butt
Donna DeJong
Shannan Duenwald
Sheila Edwardsvanmuyen 
Braeden Ensolin
Jonathan Erickson
Mike Filippini
Joe Flaherty
Julie Fopma
Lori Forsythe
Mary Glendening
Linda Glendening
Rich Glendening
Mohit Gurnani
Alayna Hegwood
Ron Helm
Karen Heringer
Jim Hibma
Brenna Hildebrand
Rachel Hoard
Brenda Hugen
Sandie Jaarsma
Jill Jansen
Pat Jessie
Annette Johnson
Rhonda Kermode
Bill Kimble
Gary Kingma
Paul Koehn
Susan Kuyper
Eric Lance
Jennifer Lanning
Jean Lee
Betsy Lundy
Charley MacCready
Kathy Moore
Mike Moore
Brenda Nugteren
Becky Ochsner
Linda Oppenhuizen
Larry Peterson
Anne Petrie
Amy Rahn
Marylyn Rietveld-Ebbers
Dolores Rooda
Dana Sadler
Drew Sanders
Joel Schut
Lakshmi Shreedharan
Nela Spoelstra
Sheri Stursma
Jack Sytsma
Larry Toom
Jan Van Weelden
Melissa VanDonselaar
Hannah VanWeelden
Amy Vasina
Norma Ver Helst
Anna Wang
Carolyn Wassenaar
Phil Webber
Rene' White
Bailey Wilson
Ted Zylstra