Hiring Process

The hiring process for a police officer in Pella takes approximately six months from the time of application. Candidates must meet requirements/pass each step listed below in order to move on.

1. Submit Application

Job opportunities are posted in our Career Portal. Applicants can submit their information within the portal. Sign-up to receive a notification when positions become available. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please email Human Resources or call 641.628.1601.

2. Civil Service Testing

  • Cooper Physical Agility Test. This agility test is a pass/fail exam; candidates must pass all four sections. Pella Police Department requires all individuals pass the physical portion with Pella. 
  • Written exam - National Police Officer Selection Test (POST). The POST test is a 75 minute timed test in four sections: mathematics, reading comprehension, grammar, and incident report writing. The minimum passing score for the Pella Police Department is 80% on each of the four sections of this exam. Candidates who have previously taken the POST test and have a valid test score on file (greater than 80% on each section within one year from the testing date) with Standard & Associates may elect to waive the exam and use their most recent test score, or may elect to retest with the City of Pella; however, the City will accept only the retest score. The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy requires the POST test. Failure to pass this test with a score of 80% or above will result in elimination from the hiring process.

3. Oral Board Interviews

Upon successful completion of the prior steps, candidates will be eligible for oral board interviews. Interviews will consist of Pella Police Department Command Staff members and/or community members. 

4. Background Investigation

The Pella Police Department will conduct an extensive investigation on applicant's backgrounds. Prior employers, relatives, and references will be contacted during the process and information provided during these contacts may result in additional individuals being contacted.

Employment history, credit status, driving record, and other pertinent information will all be examined. A criminal history check will also be conducted.

5. Polygraph Exam

As part of the background process, candidates will be scheduled for a polygraph examination where they will be tested in several different background areas. In addition, candidates will be asked to determine if they were honest with the background detective, truthful on their application, undetected criminal involvement, traffic history, illicit drug use, illegal gambling habits and any other pertinent information discovered or revealed during the background investigation including employment and military history.

6. Psychological Evaluation

Each candidate is required to undergo a psychological exam to ensure that they possess the important personality traits needed to become an effective police officer.   

7. Medical Evaluation

As part of the hiring process, each candidate will be required to undergo a complete medical evaluation and a physical capacity profile including the following basic testing:

  • Vision, height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.
  • Treadmill test
  • Complete lab workup
  • Drug screen

8. Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA)

Initial basic training will be conducted at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa. The academy is currently a 15-week program which builds the foundation of law enforcement principles. Recruits will be tested regularly and must meet not only the academic standard but a fitness standard as well. Recruits must remain at the academy during the week where housing and meals are provided. They will be free to go home on the weekends.

9. Field Training

After graduation from ILEA, new officers would be placed in the department’s field training program. This is a 15-week standardized program broken down into three phases. New officers will learn specifically how to become a refined and more effective police officer. During this process, new officers will be challenged and evaluated by a field training officer who has received specialized education to train new officers and evaluate their progress. Once new officers successfully pass all phases, they are released to solo patrol.

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