Visser, Kaci911 caller

Dispatchs' first question will be “where is your emergency.” If you dial by accident, don’t hang up - you are not in trouble - and when this occurs, dispatch will attempt to make contact. If you dial from a cell phone, our system can’t pin point your location so be aware of your surroundings. If you’re near an intersection, look for street signs. If you’re able to see a business nearby, that can also help Dispatch identify your location. Dispatch will repeat information given to make sure everything is understood correctly to get help to your location. The calmer you are the phone, the quicker Dispatch can get emergency services to your location. 


If you’re a witness to an incident, description of people and vehicles are important. Vehicle plate information is often crucial to locating an individual involved in an incident. Police department emergency and non-emergency lines are answered 24/7/365, so please call as soon as an incident occurs.

Scam information regarding phone calls reporting

If you haven’t given out any personal information, Dispatch will take down your information and create a call for service. If calls become harassing in nature, let the Pella Police Department know. If you speak with a real person, let them know that you’ve contacted your local law enforcement.

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    Fax: 641.628.9653
    Emergency Phone: 9-1-1