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Pella Community Memory Database 

The Pella Community Memory Database relies on the generosity of its users.  There are two major ways to contribute:

Historical Materials

 If you have historical materials to donate or scan, please contact:

Chris Brown
Project Director
(641) 628-4268

Donations of physical materials are permanent and are subject to the Library's Gifts and Donations Policy.  We may ask that you fill out a transfer of copyright and ownership rights for the material donated.

Financial Contributions

If you would like to contribute financially, we are accepting contributions at this time.  The Friends of the Pella Public LIbrary is the organization responsible for accepting and managing monetary donations to this project.  Please make checks payable to: Friends of the Pella Public Library, and indicate on the envelope and in the memo line of the check that the contribution is for the Pella Community Memory Database.

Please send by mail to:

Pella Public Library
Pella Community Memory Database Project
603 Main Street
Pella, IA 50219

Or simply drop a donation off at the front desk of the Pella Public Library.  Please do not place donations in Library book drops.

For major financial contributions to the project, please contact
Chris Brown
Project Director
(641) 628-4268

We can make arrangements for special acknowledgements, press releases, and more for these types of gifts.