On May 1, 2018, the citizens of Pella overwhelmingly approved the authorization of a telecommunications utility with a 92% support level.  On this page you’ll find an outline of the steps that have taken place since the referendum, what to expect next, and how to keep informed of the progress of this project:

June 2018

Council approved a contract with FARR Technologies to develop a business plan for the new utility which intends to provide internet, voice, and cable television services.  The business plan was completed in March of 2019 and is intended to serve as a guide for framework of the fiber optic network.

July 2019

Council approved a contract with NewCom Technologies to design the fiber optic network and applicable central offices for the telecommunications utility.  The intention of the network is to extend fiber optic infrastructure to every home and business within the Pella city limits.

April 2020

Council approved a contract with Excel Utility Contractors for construction of the fiber optic network.  Construction is projected to start in May and be completed by the end of 2020.  For more information, read the April 27, 2020 press release (PDF).

Next Steps

  • Spring 2021: telecommunications utility operational

For More Information

Visit the Pella Fiber website for additional information about this new utility including service offerings.

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