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Pella Community Memory Database  

This page shows statistics on the current status of the Pella Community Memory Database project as a whole. Statistics are updated on at least a weekly basis, excluding holiday weeks. For more information on the status of individual collections in the project, click here.

For questions or inquiries about these numbers, please contact:

Chris Brown
Project Director
Email Chris Brown

Digitization Progress: >5500 of 5500 documents - 100% complete.


Database pageviews in the past month: 6,560

Database pageviews since the beginning of the project: 79,604

Total file size (used storage): 75.19 Gigabytes (web version)  | ~1.0 Terabytes (local full-resolution originals)

How do you [the public] feel about this project overall? (November 2020 survey)

ResponseNumber of Respondents (349)
Very positive (5)57.1% (194)
Somewhat positive (4)22.6% (77)
Neutral (3)18.8% (64)
Not very positive (2)1.2% (4)
Not at all positive (1)0.3% (1)

Full November 2020 Survey Results

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 This projeInstitute of Museum and Library Services Logoct was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services Grant Number LG-27-19-0186-19.

Este proyecto ha sido posible en parte por el Instituto de Servicios de Museos y Bibliotecas concesión número LG-27-19-0186-19.