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On July 23, 2019, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced recipients of the inaugural Accelerating Promising Practices for Small Libraries Grant Program. Pella Public Library was awarded $29,116 over the course of two years to create the Pella Community Memory Database.

What is the Pella Community Memory Database?

The Pella Community Memory Database (PCMD) solves a problem that has been present in Pella for some time: we are a town that values its history and has many, many historical documents, but those documents are not always readily available or easy to access by the general public.

The purpose of the PCMD, then, is to digitize as many documents as possible and provide them in a central online location that can be accessed by anyone at any time. This moves access to the materials out of a dusty back closet and into the public sphere, while still protecting the original documents.

Initially, the goal will be to digitize historical documents at the Pella Public Library, and then digitize a large collection of photographs at the Pella Historical Society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the digitization be done? 
The digitization will be done at Pella Public Library. A study room will be reclaimed to provide a permanent place for the digitization equipment. 

Where are you getting the equipment?
The equipment itself will be funded as part of the grant. The equipment purchased will be a high-resolution flat-bed scanner, as well as a high-resolution "book-edge" scanner. The library already owns an overhead camera-style optical sweep scanner.

Who will do the work?
The grant provides for the hiring of a half-time (20 hours per week) Digitization Assistant to do the primary scanning and adding of descriptive metadata for the items.

Email the Assistant Library Director who will oversee the project and monitor the Digitization Assistant. He is the primary contact for all inquiries on the project.

Can I get more information about the project?
Absolutely! Here is the 6-page grant narrative (PDF) which describes the project in detail, as well as the proposed schedule of completion (PDF) for the project. Within the 2-year window, the completion date of various tasks is subject to change.

Also take a look at the proposed budget (PDF) for the project, as well as the budget justification (PDF), which describes the items in the budget.

I want to help! How can I get involved?
See our project volunteers page for information on how you can help create the next great online resource in Pella!

Where can i get information on the current status of the project?
Check our project status page for the latest information!

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This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services Grant Number LG-27-19-0186-19.

Este proyecto ha sido posible en parte por el Instituto de Servicios de Museos y Bibliotecas concesión número LG-27-19-0186-19.