Field Availability Calendars

Calendars are linked in the text. If links are not present the facility is either closed or reservations are not currently being accepted. Reservations for baseball and soccer fields may not be made until local user group master schedules have been received for the season.

Fields and courts are available for ad hoc usage on a first come/first serve basis unless they are reserved. Please adhere to any signage posted on fields. Ball fields that have been marked for games are not available for ad hoc use.

Online field schedules posted below supersede any calendars posted on site.

To make reservations please call the Community Services Office at 641.628.4571.

  1. Pella Sports Park
  2. Pella Soccer Complex
  3. Pickleball Courts
  4. Tennis Courts

Baseball Fields

Field 1 (PDF) - Blake Van Vark Memorial Field
Field 2 (PDF) - LDJ Field
Pella Sports Park Fields AerialField 3 (PDF) - De Vries Field
Field 4 (PDF) - Marion County Bank Field
Field 5 (PDF) - PPI Field
Field 6 (PDF)
Field 7 (PDF)
Field 8 (PDF) - Multipurpose Green Space (future ball field area)
Field 9 (PDF) - Multipurpose Green Space (future ball field area)

Batting Cages

Cage 1 (PDF)
Cage 2 (PDF)
Cage 3 (PDF)
Cage 4 (PDF)

Multipurpose Green Space

West Field
Cricket Field (PDF)
Field 1 (PDF)
Field 2 (PDF)
Field 3 (PDF)
Field 4 (PDF)
Field 5 (PDF)
Field 6 (PDF)
Field 7 (PDF)

East Field
Field 1 (PDF)
Field 2 (PDF)