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Country Statistics / Geography Sites

CIA - The World Factbook
The World Factbook website, maintained by the CIA, provides information about the economy, people, government, geography, military, communications, transportation, and transnational issues of each country in the world.

World Atlas
World Atlas is a commercial site providing lists of facts about the continents and countries of the world. Geographical facts such as the largest countries by land mass, the smallest populated countries, highest and lowest points of elevation. population, percentage of surface area is water, etc. is listed for each country and continent.

Presidents of the United States

The Presidents
The official White House site gives information on past and present Presidents of the U.S.

Presidents of the United States
This site gives information on the Presidents of the U.S.

U.S. States

50 States website
This website provides a link to each state in the U.S. as well as American Commonwealths and Territories. Within each link can be found additional links and information about the state such as the state flag, population, bordering states, history, economy, etc.

Travel Iowa
This is the Iowa Tourism Office website. It offers highlights of the rich tourist attractions all across the state!

The official web site for the State of Iowa has links to most state, county and local governments in Iowa, as well as government agencies, departments, schools and other government information for Iowa.


Insects and Bugs on the Web
Looking for information on those creepy crawlers? Take a look at this site to help you identify and find more information.

Trees / Leaves

What Tree Is That?
Need to identify that tree or leaf for a school project? Take a look at the Arbor Day Foundation website to see if it can help you.

Iowa State University Forestry Extension
Iowa State University, Forestry Extension Office has a basic site to help identify various trees and leaves as well as how to plant and care for trees.

Identify That Tree

A collection of helpful links, including a Tree Identification Tool, Identify by Leaf, Tree Names Common and Scientific, and more.

General Information Sites

Cool Math 4 Kids
Cool Math 4 Kids is a fun website for kids to learn math.

Just for Fun Sites

Best Children’s Books
Best children’s books picked by teachers!

Visit all your favorite Nick shows and play games. Formerly Nickelodeon, Nick has various games, video clips, puzzles and things for kids to do, all related to the Nick series of shows.

Kids & Family - Iowa Public Television
Check out the Iowa Public Television site to play games, find out what Dan Wardell is doing, or find your favorite show on IPTV!

Scholastic Kids
Trying to find a book or want to find out if there will be another in the series you are reading? Check out the Scholastic site!

Random House Children’s Books
Find out what your favorite book characters are doing! The Random House site gives information on upcoming books and more information on the characters in the book.

National Geographic Kids
Find fun facts on your favorite animal, play games and have fun! National Geographic Kids offers videos, stories, crafts, games and activities for kids to enjoy.