West Substation

The West Substation, located at 1011 West Tenth Street, provides West Substation 2018electric service to a large portion of Pella's electric service territory. Nearly every customer west of Broadway Street (except the Central College area) to 198th Avenue and Red Rock Hydroelectric Plant is normally served from this substation. It underwent major reconstruction in 2017, converting its 69 kV infrastructure from a straight bus to a ring bus and incorporating Red Rock Hydroelectric Plant's 69 kV interconnection. There were also three new underground 12.47 kV feeders added for enhanced reliability and support to the far reaches of the service territory. 

West Substation contains two transformers. T1 is a 10/12.5/14 MVA unit manufactured by GE in Rome, Georgia. T2 is our primary generation step-up transformer that also serves distribution load. It is a 20/26.67/33.33 MVA unit by Delta Star of Lynchburg, Virginia.