Local Diesel Generation

The Electric Utility has the following diesel generating units at 1875 Washington Street:Photo of Diesel Plant

UnitManufacturerYear InstalledNameplate MW RatingMaximum MW Rating

Installed in 2003, this facility utilizes fourteen (14) 2-megawatt diesel high-speed engine/generator sets. The units operate at 1800 rpm with a prime rating of 1,825 Kilowatts at 80% power factor. These units are adjacent to the Pella West 10th Street Substation; this allows direct access to both City distribution and transmission facilities through a 33 MVA transformer located in the West 10th Street Substation.

These units are limited by the Department of Natural Resources to a maximum run time of 475 hours per unit, per year, and are operated for distribution emergencies or to support area transmission.