Library Cards


The facilities and services of the Pella Public Library are available to all residents of the Pella community regardless of race, religion, or other restrictive categories. Residents are defined as those residing within the City of Pella. Residents of rural Marion County and other contracting areas are entitled to the same services as Pella residents, or as specified under the terms of those agreements.

Persons residing in Pella for a temporary period (no longer than one year) may borrow three items from the library at a time. They must make a deposit of $50 per card, which will be refunded when all library materials have been returned and when other library obligations have been met. 

Expiration Dates

Regular library cards expire every three years. College student cards expire at the end of the school year. Temporary cards expire at the end of the temporary residency, or one year from the date of issue, whichever comes first. To renew their cards, patrons are required to validate information in their patron record.

Library facilities and services are available to all ages but eligibility for issuance of a library card begins at age five. Completion of a registration form (PDF), presentation of an acceptable form of identification, and proof of address are required. The signature of a responsible adult is required on the applications of individuals below age 18.

  • Acceptable forms of ID: valid driver's license, student ID, Social Security card, voter registration card
  • Acceptable proof of address: valid driver's license, imprinted checks, lease or rental agreement, vehicle registration form, or utility bill (gas, electric, or phone - must be a bill for the current or previous month)