Zoning Guidelines

The City of Pella has set forth zoning guidelines to:

  • Classify property in a manner that reflects its suitability for specific uses
  • Encourage compatibility of adjacent land uses
  • Further the objectives of the Comprehensive Development Plan of the City of Pella
  • Protect environmentally sensitive areas
  • Provide for sound and attractive development within the City and its jurisdiction
  • Serve the public health, safety, and general welfare of the City and its jurisdiction

Zoning Ordinance Chapter 165 of the City of Pella Code of Ordinances provides detailed information regarding zoning requirements within the city limits and the Two-Mile Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (PDF).

Subdivision Regulations

The City of Pella has also set guidelines for subdivision regulations in Chapter 170 of the City Code. The purpose of these guidelines is to prescribe minimum requirements for the design and development of new subdivisions and re-subdivisions of land. Subdivision regulations work in conjunction with the Zoning Ordinance to assist in controlling the future development of the City by regulating the uses of land, the size of lots, the height and bulk of buildings, the density of population, and the locations and uses of buildings and structures for residences, commerce, industry, and other purposes, including the public welfare, health, and safety.

Should you have questions pertaining to the Zoning Ordinance or subdivision regulations please contact the Zoning Administrator.

Development Regulations

Additional Information