Iowa One Call

Call1-800-292-8989 or a new nationwide 811 number when you plan to do any kind of digging at your home or business, or go the official website Iowa One Call and fill the required information online.

This three-minute call will ensure your safety as well as your liability protection. Originally a voluntary call, this activity was made a state law in 1993.

All utilities, including the Pella Electric Department, are registered with Iowa One Call, providing information on where their services are located. These utilities are also required to provide locates whenever they are requested to do so. The cost of the locates are covered by the utilities.

When you call Iowa One Call you will be asked to supply specific information: your telephone number, address, the time and date you wish to dig, county and city, work site street and number, nearest intersection, type of work and depth, type of equipment to be used, location of work (street, walk, private property, front, rear, side), company name and best time to call.

The call should be made at least 48 hours prior to when the work is to take place. All affected utilities will then visit the site and mark their respective service locations with flags so that you may safely dig.