Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center Main Pool Aquatic Center Main Pool zero depth toddler area

The Aquatic Center Main Pool features a zero depth tulip shaped toddler area. There are various deck sprays that "dance" at programmed times. There is a small mushroom that makes an umbrella type waterfall. A bench with umbrella cover is found in the shallow area of the pool and is flanked by two dragons spouting water at various times. A toddler fish slide provides kids with a fun little slide down the fish's mouth. A play structure is the next feature. It has various sprays, another slide, and climbing on and through features. The next features found are four floatables for use by the younger kids. No standing is allowed on these creatures, they can be a challenge to climb up to sit on or a challenge to stay on. Along the wall at the end of the shallow area is a bench with jets. Although the temperature is not like a hot tub, the jet can still feel just as relaxing.

Under the rope that divides the toddler shallow area, with the lap lane area, you will find a Goal Setter basketball hoop, three floatable creatures for the "older" crowd, water that is 3 1/2 feet deep to 5 feet deep. This area is home to our two slides, one enclosed and one open. In order to use the slides, riders must be at least 48 inches tall. Swim suits cannot have any metal or other objects that can damage the slides. In order to check suits and height, any patron wishing to use these slides or the drop slide must have a mark of the day. Marks can be obtained at no cost to anyone meeting the requirements. Marks are given out in the area just passed the admission booth. You must be dressed in your swim suit to receive a mark. Supervisor on duty reserves the right to not issue a mark to anyone who does not meet the requirements. If there is an emergency or something that needs immediate attention, you might have to wait to get your mark.

Sliders wait one on each platform leading up to the slides. Attendant at the top will stop sending sliders and move everyone back down the stairs, if there are too many people at the top. Sliders go one at a time down the slides regardless of which slide you choose. The roped in area at the base of the slides is for slide patrons only. Once you finish, you must exit to the nearest side of the pool. You may not wait at the bottom to "catch" someone coming off the slides. Enjoy the rest of the general swimming area or move under the life line that separates the deep end. There is general swimming and diving off the sides in the middle of the two life lines. There is no general swimming allowed in the deep end with the diving boards and drop slide.

We have a one meter and a three meter duraflex/durafirm diving board. All dives/jumps must be done in a safe manner, straight off the board. Persons who use the high board need to swim out toward the life line and then over to the ladder by the lifeguard. No one may catch a person off the board. All divers must pay attention to what they are doing as they climb up the ladders and make their way to the end of the board. The drop slide has the same restrictions as the big blue and yellow/orange slides. All riders must be at least 48" tall and have no metal or other objects that might damage the slides. A mark of the day will be used to signify eligible riders for all slides requiring that the rider be 48 inches tall. Anyone riding these slides must have a mark of the day on their hand or they will be sent to be measured and get one. Mandatory deep water tests will be administered before swimmers age 12 and under can use the deep end features, including both diving boards and the drop slide. Deep water tests may also be administered to anyone over the age of 12 at staff's discretion. A wrist band will be given to show the swimmer has passed the test. No flotation devices of any kind can be used.


The Aquatic Center main pool was opened for service on July 3, 2004 as phase I of the overall project. The Adventure River was added as Phase II in 2008. Local Option Sales Tax funded this project.